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Gary Joseph LeBlanc, is the author of "Staying Afloat in a Sea of Forgetfulness," “The Aftereffects of Caregiving,” "Managing Alzheimer's and Dementia Behaviors" and co- author of "While I Still Can." Also, he was a weekly columnist of "Common Sense Caregiving" published in the Tampa Tribune and Hernando Today and many other health publications. He had over 350 articles published in national newspapers on dementia care. He’s now a national speaker on dementia caregiving.

LeBlanc has also written two fictional (Paranormal Suspense) novelettes "Shannon's Journey" and "Profile of a Fisherman."

Founder the Alzheimer's/Dementia Hospital Wristband Project and is a co-founder of Dementia Mentors.

Co-Founder of Dementia Mentors

His writings and speaking events utilize his 5,000 plus days and nights of personal caregiving experience to help other Alzheimer’s and dementia caregivers cope with the everyday challenges and emotional struggles of caring for the memory-impaired.

Now Available on Amazon

      Back Cover Synopsis

Throughout the many years that you, as a caregiver attend to the countless needs of your loved one, or ones, you will lose fragments of your life that may take years to recover. You may come crawling out of your caregiving campaign wondering if there’s any of the original “You” left.

    Is this you?  Are you feeling a little lost, fragile, maybe hesitant to move forward in life? This book was written specifically for you!  We want to help you find yourself again or at least show you ways to reinvent yourself.  We know from personal experience that the aftereffects of caregiving can be catastrophic.

   Our intent in writing this book is to help you open your front door and step back into the world. There is life still out there waiting for you.

Written with
Holly Beth Michaels
Foreword by
Canadian author
Cathie Borrie

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"We're helping people live well
with dementia"


My dad and I made the cover of Parade Magazine
and also we got a shout out on the
Alzheimer's/Dementia Hospital Wristband Program

To read the article, click the image below.

Written by Paula Spencer Scott

This is the International logo for Dementia Awareness.
It stands for all types of dementia.
The "Purple Angel" will soon be
coming to a town and hospital near you.
Click on the Wristband Project page for more details.

Upcoming Speaking Events

Aftereffects of Careging Presentation
  Hosted by
Arden Courts & Alzheimer's Support Network
Naples, Florida
February 16th

Seasons Memory Care of Belleair
620 Belleair Rd.
Belleair, Florida
February 22nd 10:00 am

Brookdale Senior Living
2750 Drew St.
Clearwater, Florida
March 7th 11:30 am

Purple Angel Dementia Caregiver Conference
Circle Theater, Sebring, Florida
March, 11th 10 am - 3 pm

Brooksville Healthcare & Rehab
Dementia Care Training for Staff
Brooksville, Florida
March 21st

Halifax Health Medical Center
Alzhiemer's/Dementia Hospital Wristband Training
Daytona Beach, FL.
April 4th

13th Annual Alzheimer's Disease Education Conference & Expo
Melville, New York
April 7th

Arden Courts of Tomson
Dementia Care Seminar
Baltimore, Maryland
August 16th


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Thank you Caring.com for naming me a
Senior Care Thought Leader
Click the link below to read a recent interview with them.
This poem was written by a dear friend who is a caregiver to her mom with Alzheimer's.

All around us every day are Angels
to guide us along the way.

A caring smile, a gentle hug,
time to take to ease our fear.

Some, we know them, cherished friends.
Most are strangers, heaven sent.
Placed in our midst, at a time, in a place,
to take us through a troubled space.

To calm, and peace and rest and hope.
They wait a while, then disappear.
Moving to ease anothers' fears.
They have not wings or heavenly guise,
They look just like me and you.
For these are Gods angels here, on earth,
 who do His work

With love and care.
Those special people who come our way,
We see them, meet them, every day.
So never pass that kind person by,
For, its one of Gods angels, in disguise.

By Bernadette Brady
Dublin, Ireland

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The 5th Annual
United Way/Common Sense Caregiving Workshop
was a great success. Everyone left with bundles of newly attained knowledge. I would like to thank Angie Bonfardino of Hernando County United Way.
    I would also especially like to thank John Winans of the Alzheimer's Family Organization and Diana Winoker FTD patient/advocate  for being my guest speakers.
 But best of all, the room full of caregivers that left feeling they are now better prepared to take on their journey.

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